Smoked Flat Reed

Smoked reed is chocolate brown in color all the way through the reed and will vary in the exact shade from shipment to shipment and sometimes coil to coil.

Due to the extra processing and handling involved with smoked reed, it tends to be hairier than natural select quality reeds.
Smoked reed often has an odor, this may be slight or strong.
It is often helpful to rinse smoked reed before soaking. Do not soak smoked reed with natural reed.

Each coil is made up of multiple pieces of reed in varying lengths.

ALL reed is cut by hand on simple machines and may have a true measurement of slightly larger or smaller. Please specify if a true width is needed.

  • Flat on both sides, one side will generally be smoother than the other.
  • Great for weaving, lashing and spokes/stakes (use the thickest pieces for rims on smaller baskets).


    Collections: Basket Making

    Type: Basketry

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