Bluster Bay End-feed Boat Shuttles with Hook & Eye

For perfect selvedges and speedy weaving, many weavers prefer end-feed boat shuttles. These boat shuttles use special end-feed bobbins called pirns that do not spin. Rather, the yarn is released off the end of the stationary pirn, through a tensioning device and then out the side of the shuttle.

We offer end-feed shuttles with two different tensioning systems:

  • The Honex tensioner really excels with smooth, evenly spun yarns in a wide range of sizes from very fine silk to 3/2 perle cotton.
  • Our traditional hook and eye tensioner works well with handspun or slubby yarns as well as most commercially spun yarn.


    • are simple to thread and adjust
    • require no tools for tension adjustment
    • are lightweight and well balanced
    • handle a wide range of yarn types and weights
    • are available in three lengths with either open or closed bottoms.
  • 11″ End-Feed Boat Shuttles

    Designed for customers who desire a smaller, lighter weight end-feed shuttle than any others currently on the market. These small end-feed shuttles are perfect for:

    • narrow warps
    • use with table looms or floor looms with small sheds
    • weavers with small hands

    These shuttles are 11 inches long, 1.625 inches wide and 1.25 inches tall. The aluminum spindles are spring-loaded and designed to carry our lightweight and inexpensive tapered paper pirns.

    EF-11-O 11-inch open bottom, Hook tensioned
    EF-11-C 11-inch closed bottom, Hook tensioned

    13″ & 15″ End-Feed Boat Shuttles

    These are the standard Bluster Bay end-feed shuttles that weavers have been using and raving about since 1996.

    Our 13-inch and 15-inch end-feed shuttles are 1.875 inches wide and are 1.375 inches tall. The bronze spindles are spring-loaded.

    Our 13″ end-feed shuttles use Bluster Bay brand plastic 5.5″ pirns or AVL 5.5″ black pirns.
    Note: 6″ Schacht wood or red plastic pirns will NOT fit these shuttle.

    Our 15″ end-feed shuttles use our Bluster Bay brand plastic 8″ pirns, AVL 8″ black pirns or Schacht 8″ wood pirns.