Dress Your Swedish Drawloom ***DSC***


This DVD was meant to build on the skills taught in the first video, "Dress Your Loom the Swedish Way."

This video contains the following chapters:

  • Mechanics of the Drawloom
  • Extending the Loom
  • Threading the Heddles
  • Shaft Draw System
  • Vertical Single Unit Draw System
  • Combination of Shaft Draw and Single Draw
  • Horizontal Single Unit Draw System with Lashes
  • Sword Damask
  • Tie-ups and Drafts
  • Opphämta
  • Smålandsväv

Opphämta is demonstrated with the weaving sword and the drawloom. Smålandsväv which although not actually a drawloom technique, uses two sets of shafts and is related to opphämta.

By: Becky Ashendon

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