Felt It - Gnomes and Their Homes DVD **DSC**


Do you love miniature things? Do you love needle felting? We have combined the two in this instructional DVD on how to make 2-inch-tall mini gnomes and a homey mushroom house where gnomes and their friends can live. Join sisters Jennifer and Melissa Vansant as they teach you how to create these magical inhabitants of the forest and their cozy home.

In their video workshop, Felt It: Gnomes in their Homes, you will learn how to create 3-dimensional figures and structures out of wool using simple needle-felting tools and your imagination.

You’ll learn:

  • How to make basic shapes that will become body parts for a male or female gnome
  • How to felt a hat and add facial detail to your gnome figures
  • How to create firm felt for structural shapes such as the mushroom house
  • How to connect pieces to make a hollow shape How to add your own design details to the mushroom house
  • How to add your own design details to the mushroom house

With the VanSant sisters’ expert instruction, you’ll soon be needle-felting expertly and creating a whole forest colony full of sweet, magical gnomes.

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