Lunatic Fringe Graphite and Gold Shawl

We have assembled the yarns to make Cynthia Newmans Graphite & Gold shawl as shown in Handwoven’s Lookbook:  Loom Theory:  8-shaft Shawl Collection 2019 from Long Thread Media.  We have collected the yarns you will need to make the shawl…you will need to purchase the instructions from Long Thread Media. Instructions as written make 1 shawl.  We have assembled the yarn for either 1 or 2 shawls.

 Cynthia Newman explains the thought behind this shawl:  “CARGO SHIPS, BRIDGES, GRAIN SILOS, and machines—industrial design inspired the Graphite & Gold shawl. Fascinated by the patterns and texture that appear when light shines across the surface of rivets, concrete, and corrugated steel, I turned to Lunatic Fringe Yarns’ Gray Matter Collection to create a design with an industrial look. The Gray Matter Collection is a gradated scale between black and white, which works well for creating depth and dimension.” 

20/2 Tubular Spectrum Mercerized cotton yarns included to make 1 shawl:  

  • Very Dark Gray (1.5 oz cone)
  • Dark Gray (4 oz cone)
  • Middle Gray (2 – 1.5 oz cones)
  • Gold (1.5 oz cone)

OR  make 2 shawls:  20/2 Tubular Spectrum Mercerized cotton yarns included :  

  • Very Dark Gray (2 – 1.5 oz coned)
  • Dark Gray (8 oz cone)
  • Middle Gray (4 oz cone)
  • Gold (1.5 oz cone)

Additionally, you will need:

Scarf Dimensions:

  • Finished dimensions:  15 1/2″ x 79 1/2″  (after wet finishing and hemming)

Photos by Caleb Dane – Good Folk Photography, courtesy of Long Thread Media.

Collections: Perle Cotton, Weaving Kits, Yarn

Type: Yarn

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