Bluster Bay Swedish Style Boat Shuttles

Swedish-style boat shuttles are designed for use with paper quills instead of plastic or wood bobbins. They have a very low profile, making them ideal for damask, opphämta, or any draw-loom weaving as well as split shed and free-form techniques. They are also wonderful for all weaving projects when using a rigid heddle loom, table loom or any loom that creates a small shed.

Bluster Bay Swedish-style boat shuttles were designed after years of examining and weaving with traditional Swedish-made shuttles. We worked with weavers in Scandinavia, and others who enjoy Swedish weaving techniques, making sure our designs have all the features necessary for exceptional Swedish-style shuttles. All sizes have elegant ends designed to slip effortlessly through a very small shed, minimizing mispicks.

All sizes are available only with CLOSED-BOTTOMS. The bronze quill spindles are hinged on one end, and snap securely in place on the other. All sizes are a mere .75 inches tall.

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Type: Weaving Tools

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