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Once you have your loom warped and ready to weave, you need to wind a shuttle with weft yarn. But, what kind of shuttle should you choose? Like choosing any tool, selecting the right shuttle for the job can increase your weaving efficiency, as well as make the task at hand more pleasurable. As a rule of thumb, choose stick shuttles for simple looms, such as our School Loom, Flip and Cricket rigid heddle looms, Tapestry Loom, and Mini Loom. Generally, you want to choose a shuttle that is approximately the width of your weaving. No winding equipment is required.

A boat shuttle loaded with a bobbin increases your efficiency. They are excellent for looms with shuttle races such as table looms and floor looms. We offer a variety of sizes and styles. What you choose will depend on what feels comfortable in your hand and they type of weaving you are doing. For example, if you are weaving a heavy weight fabric, you might want to choose a 15” boat shuttle that will hold more yarn. Or, for instance, if you are weaving a very narrow piece, then you might find a smaller shuttle, such as a 9” mini boat the best choice for
this project

Boat shuttles and end delivery shuttles require a bobbin winder for winding bobbins and pirns.

Choose one of our other specialty shuttles, such as end-delivery, rug and rag. See specific shuttles below for further information.

Our boat shuttles are beautifully shaped and well balanced. They are sanded smooth and then given a hand-rubbed Danish oil finish. Four sizes are available: 9″, 11″, 13″, and 15″. Our smallest boat shuttle, the 9″ mini, is styled after a Japanese silk shuttle. This duck-nosed shuttle is wonderful for narrow widths and fine yarns. Our most popular boat shuttle, the 11″ boat shuttle, is offered in slim and regular models with closed-bottom and open-bottom styles.

Our two largest boat shuttles are 13″ and 15″ long, and can handle fine to medium weight yarns. Because of their extra length and yarn capacity, weavers often choose these shuttles for wider weaving widths.

We also offer slim and regular double-bobbin boat shuttles which are ideal for doubled weft threads. Two separate bobbin shafts make it possible to remove one bobbin at a time. All boat shuttles are available in hard maple and some models are also available in cherry. From time to time we offer special shuttles in a variety of models and woods. Check with your dealer or our website for current offering.

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