16/2 Linen

Bockens Lingarn Linen Yarn - 16/2

Sweden has long been known for high-quality linen yarns. A centuries-old tradition of growing and processing flax has produced the knowledge and skill necessary to create yarns that are a joy to work with. Products woven with these yarns are durable, classy, and have a great sheen.

Our Bockens linen from Holma-Helsinglands are some of the finest quality available today. Their yarns are known worldwide to be of the highest quality. They bleach and dye eco-friendly yarns. Most of their yarns are marked with "Good Environmental Choice" -- the eco label from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. The extraordinary color palette and the yarns themselves are designed to inspire traditional and contemporary use, as seen in Sweden's rich weaving heritage.

If you have never woven with linen, 16/2 is a very easy linen to weave with, a great size to start with.

  • Physical Weight: 125g (~4.4oz.)
  • Approximate Yardage: 2700 yds/lb - 740 yds/tube 
  • Sett: 20-24 epi
  • Unbleached- 8.8 oz tubes- 1345 yards

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Type: yarn