Lunatic Fringe Ombre Braided Necklace

This braided necklace is a reinterpretation of Victorian hairwork braiding.  5 colors of 20/2 mercerized cotton braided into luxurious cords and then enhanced with silver plated jewelry findings to create a one of a kind necklace.  The 20/2 mercerized cotton yarn is both shiny and strong, and comes in a variety of colors, and makes an interesting substitute for hair in this necklace.  In addition to Giovanna’s original gray ombre, we have 4 additional suggestions, or choose your own colors from the 20/2 mercerized colors in the Tubular Spectrum Yarn line

Originally designed with 5 shades of gray to make a stunning necklace.  This kit includes all the yarn and silver findings to make a beautiful braided necklace.  If you need a kumihimo disk and ez bobs to hold the yarn while braiding, you can either purchase them separately, or we have included them as an option. 

Project Description: 

  • 1 necklace created with 5 braids
  • For each color:
  • 16 ends per slot on the kumihimo disk
  • 16 ends x 16 slots = 256 ends total
  • 256 x 70” each = 17920” (498 yards)
  • Finished length of each braid will be approximately 38” (54% take-up)

Equipment Needed:

Collections: Perle Cotton, Weaving Kits, Yarn

Type: Yarn