Sixty Scarves for 60 Years (Second Edition)

The second edition has built upon the original printing of book by correcting errata, adding 6 new scarves designed by Tom Knisely and Sara Bixler and at the same price of the original book! The first printing produced by the Weavers Guild of Greater Baltimore commemorated the milestone of 60 years of service to their weaving community.This spiral bound edition contains full page, color photographs, fabric detail photos and instructions for 60 scarves contributed by our members, many of whom you will recognize. Virginia West, Tom Knisely, Janet Stollnitz, Diane Kelly and Georgia Groomes are among the 41 weavers who collaborated on this project. Drafts range from 2-24 shafts, including an inkle and triangular loom design. There are scarves woven with handspun yarns, painted warps and popular knitting yarns, as well as those that employ a variety of differential shrinkage techniques. This collection represents a myriad of tastes as varied as the weavers themselves.

"Every warp incubates another step, another idea. From information handed down and refined by the skills of your hands and minds, you have given life to something that did not exist before. You have chosen to create beauty no matter how many yards it took and how many hours spent at the loom."

- an excerpt from the Forward by Virginia West -

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